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Dance Lesson / Instruction

Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00, Weekly

St. Luke's Church Hall, Willerby, Hull, Humberside, United Kingdom

Grrowlers Western Dance

Dance Class. Instruction (Novice) and Practice (Novice) for Line Dancers. Event is 19:00-20:00. Admission £3.50.

Organiser: Grrowlers Western Dance

Contact: John Rowell or Maureen Rowell. Tel: 01723 364736.  ►Website   ►Full DanceWeb Entry
Grrowlers Western DanceHi, I've been line dancing since 1995 or thereabouts, the exact date escapes me, as it was something I never thought I would continue doing for very long. I've always been a country music fan - the really raunchy kind, I don't go much for those songs where the dog's died, the crops have failed and your wife's ran away with your best friend. I like something with a lot of punch. So it was though country music that I got into line dancing...

Venue: St. Luke's Church Hall

, Chestnut Avenue, Willerby, Hull, Humberside, HU10 6PA.  ►Website ►All Dance Classes and Events for St. Luke's Church Hall   ►Venue Map with Streetview  Show Venue St. Luke's Church Hall on Google Earth
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