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Submitting a Dance Community News Item / Story to DanceWeb

Using the "Dirman" utility, you may very easily add and edit your own News Items. Entries may contain news information on any dance-related subject that may be of interest to our users, for any dance style, and relevant to any country. Entries, are free. Within reasonable limits, you may submit an unlimited number of entries.

Basic Use

A basic News Entry need only contain a Title and the "News Copy" as text; it is therefore no more difficult to enter than an email. The News Copy may contain only text (not html), but new-lines are preserved, so the text can be simply formatted. Do not use excessive or unnatural CAPITALS; such entries will be deleted. Try to spell-check your entry, and use standard English grammar if possible.

Advanced Features

Once you are familiar with the basics of entering a News Item, you may wish to make use of the more advanced features. You may select one or more "News Item Types", and select the Dance Styles that are relevant to the News Story. You can also add a list of "Tags" or keywords that apply to the entry. If the news is about an Event, you can specify the start and end dates. If you already have a Danceweb directory entry, you can link your News Story to your Organisation and / or a related Location (Venue). These will then automatically be displayed along with the News Story. You may also provide a separate telephone contact, and links to any associated video, music, document and website. You can also provide links to images (you uploaded these using the ImgMan Admin Tool).

Most references to websites and email addresses will automatically be detected within your text, and converted to proper clickable links.

Small Print

Entries must be suitable for family viewing, and no personal abuse is permitted. We reserve the right to refuse entries, or amend or restrict the content. All edits are logged, as part of our quality control procedures. Do not use excessive or unnatural CAPITALS; such entries will be deleted. Try to spell-check your entry, and use standard English grammar if possible. You may link an entry to your own web site, but we do appreciate a reciprocated link (See DanceWeb Banners for examples).

Typical News Items / Stories

Examples of typical News Items include (but are not limited to):

  • Charity Event
  • Dance Event pre-announcement
  • Dance Event late-announcement
  • Dance Event outside of DanceWeb country-specific subsites
  • Newsletter
  • Dance (Choreography) Review
  • Dance (Choreography) Step Sheet / Script
  • List of Dances taught at a Class
  • List of Music or Dances used at Social Event
  • Event Report / Review
  • Announcement of New Dance Class
  • Announcement of New Dance Course
  • Dance Popularity Chart

Getting Started

If you would like to use this feature:

  1. Register with DanceWeb.
  2. When your entry is authorised you will receive a confirmation email with your password.
  3. Login.
  4. You will then be able to use the DirMan editor application. Start at the "News" column, and click on the "New" button.
  5. Make a note of your News Item Number (Record Id.); you will need it if you wish to edit the entry at a later date!

Register Here:

Login Here:

The DirMan Editor is Here:

The ImgMan (Image) Editor is Here:

What Happens to my News Item?

Immediately after entering your News Item, it will appear:

Within an hour or so of entering your News Item, it will appear: After once-per-day midnight processing, it will appear:


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