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Report a Website Problem to DanceWeb

How to Report a Website Problem to DanceWeb

We appreciate any feedback on problems that you experience when using DanceWeb. When reporting a problem, please:

  • Try to indicate steps that we can follow to reproduce the problem.
  • What Operating System are you using (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OS X etc)?
  • What Browser and Browser Version are you using? If you do not know, you can usually find out by clicking on the Browser "Help / About" menu item.
If the problem relates to how information is displayed by DanceWeb, a screen dump is very helpful to us. Please attach the screen dump to your emailed report. If you do not know how to produce a dump, follow these steps (for computers running any Windows Operating System):
  1. Create the problem.
  2. Maximise your browser Window, and scroll the window to ensure that the problem is clearly visible.
  3. Press the "Print Screen" button - this takes a snapshot of the screen and saves it in memory.
  4. From the Windows Start Menu, click through Accessories -> Paint.
  5. Click Ctrl+V - the screen image now shows inside Paint.
  6. On the File menu, click "Save As..."
  7. Key in a meaningful file name (e.g. "DanceWeb"). Change the File Type to JPEG. Remember which folder the file is saved in (typically "My Pictures"). Click the "Save" Button.
  8. When you submit your problem report, attach the above file to the email.
Email the information to:

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