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Submitting an Entry to DanceWeb

Using the "Dirman" utility, you may add and edit your own DanceWeb entry, and keep it current. Full entries in the DanceWeb database, with limited pictures or graphics, are free. We reserve the right to refuse entries, or amend or restrict the content. All edits are logged, as part of our control procedures. You may link an entry to your own web site, but we do expect a reciprocated link (See DanceWeb Banners for examples).

Entries are available for persons and business of any nature that are likely to be of interest to dancers or dance event promoters. Note that DanceWeb only displays Service/Product Categories, and Dance Types, that are currently active; new Categories and Dance Types will be added for your entry if requested and appropriate.

If you run a web only or mail-order only business, then you normally submit just an Organisation entry.

If you run a retail business, then you normally submit an Organisation entry, plus a Location entry (or entries) for your premises.

If you run Dance Classes, or organise Events of any kind, then you normally submit an Organisation entry, plus Location entries for each venue you use, plus Event entries for each Class, Course or Event.

Location entries only need to be entered once, and are "shared" by all Organisations that make use of them.

Events may be entered for anything dated that is dance-related; when you enter the Event you select any combination of "types", such as Audition, Festival, Workshop, Holiday, Social etc. If your event type is not listed, please let us know, and we will consider adding it to the list.

If you would like to use this feature:

  1. Register with DanceWeb.
  2. When your entry is authorised you will receive a confirmation email with your password. You will then be able to use the DirMan editor application.

The editor is at:

There is a help file with full instructions at:

Submitting a Dance Community News Item / Story to DanceWeb

Using the "Dirman" utility, you may also very easily add and edit your own News Items. Entries may contain news information on any dance-related subject that may be of interest to our users, for any dance style, and relevant to any country. Entries, are free. Within reasonable limits, you may submit an unlimited number of entries.

There is a help file with full instructions at:


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