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Dance Class

Dance Lesson / Instruction

Friday 19:30 - 23:00, Weekly

Endsleigh Centre, Hull, Humberside, United Kingdom

Grrowlers Western DanceTypically every two weeks. See website for schedule.

Dance Class. Instruction, Practice and Social for Line, CW Couples, CW Partner and Country Western Dancers. Event is 19:30-23:00.

Organiser: Grrowlers Western Dance

Contact: John Rowell or Maureen Rowell. Tel: 01723 364736.  ►Website   ►Full DanceWeb Entry
Grrowlers Western DanceHi, I've been line dancing since 1995 or thereabouts, the exact date escapes me, as it was something I never thought I would continue doing for very long. I've always been a country music fan - the really raunchy kind, I don't go much for those songs where the dog's died, the crops have failed and your wife's ran away with your best friend. I like something with a lot of punch. So it was though country music that I got into line dancing...

Venue: Endsleigh Centre

, 481 Beverley Road, Hull, Humberside, HU6 7LJ ►All Dance Classes and Events for Endsleigh Centre   ►Venue Map with Streetview  Show Venue Endsleigh Centre on Google Earth
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