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Results: [B-T].
An interesting and useful German Web Resource for Ballet enthusiasts.
Books, Discussion Forum, News, E-Magazine, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Job & Work Finder, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet, Ballet (Cecchetti).
Email: Dance Ballet.
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The Actors Store

The Actors Store aims to provide a comprehensive range of products that are of interest to anyone associated with acting and the performing arts. Information on acting, auditions, monologues, drama schools, casting, acting tips, and online resumes.
Dance Wear, Make Up, Info for Instructor & DJs, Books, Discussion Forum, Contact / Partner Finder, Job & Work Finder. Dance Styles: All. Mail Order Available. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Tel: 01522 513012
Fax: 01522 513012
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YOUR online dance community connection! The place where dancers, dance groups, choreographers, the studios they train at & the agencies that represent them come to connect and click! Meet, greet, inspire and be inspired. is FREE to join.
Info for Instructor & DJs, Backing/Show music, Discussion Forum, News, E-Magazine, Artwork & Graphics, Contact / Partner Finder, Band/Artist/Singer Directory, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet, Stage Dance, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Cool Dance, Singing.
Tel: ?
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"The world's leading lifestyle magazine and information centre about Dance as Sport and Art." Based in Canada. A really useful Global Dance Portal.
Discussion Forum, Class Directory, News, E-Magazine, Event Calendar, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder. Dance Styles: All.
Email: DanceScape.
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"Welcome to; a collection of ice dancing information, photos, links and much more." Excellent USA-based resource, with Technical Reference, Partner Search, Results Archive and News etc.
News, Links, Event Calendar, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ice-Dance.
Contacts: Daphne Kitchin, Emma Abraham
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(Last Edited: 22/8/2001)
Talk Rowing is a Rowing Machine Guide to enable you to learn how rowing machines can help your fitness levels needed for dancing. Use a rowing machine to increase your core strength and cardio fitness levels to enable you to improve your dancing. Rowing machines are a great way to get fit for dancing and can be used at home or in the gym. Get a home rowing machine to workout with when watching tv or for use as a dedicated training device. We help you find the best rowing machine for you.
Private Coaching, Holiday Resort, Costumes Made Up, Travel Agent / Holidays, Western Wear, Costume Hire, Choreographer, Videos & DVDs, Instructional Web Services, Class Directory, Performances, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Own Choreography, Workshops, Weddings, Photographer. Dance Styles: Tap Dance, Raqs Sharqi, Waltz (Viennese), Triple Step (CW), Quickstep, Jitterbug, Sway, Oriental, Modern Dance, Pole Dance, Pop-Video Dance, Playford, Tango Dance, Reggaeton, Peabody, Vals, Waltz (CW).
Contact: Jim Beane
Tel: 07946663987
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