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Entries for Dance Venue: Canton Labour Club


Canton Labour Club, 74 Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff, Cardiff

Entries for Dance Venue: Canton Labour Club.

Canton Labour Club, 74 Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff, Cardiff

Entries for Dance Venue: Canton Labour Club.
Cardiff, South Glamorgan
31 Oct 09
Tango therapy is the application of the tango dance as a therapeutic alternative in the prevention or treatment of several diseases. It uses the Argentinean tango dance and the candombe, milonga, tango and criollo waltz music integrated with special exercises in order to help people feel happy and to connect with the most healthy aspects of their bodies, their lives. A powerful technique that explores the personal resources and, at the same time, maximizes the aptitudes of the human being.
Instructor Training, Professional Association, Regular Dance Classes, Professional Training, Books, E-Magazine, Workshops, Health Studio. Dance Styles: Latin American, Tango (Argentine), Latino, Tango Dance. Callers by Appointment Only.
Contact: Martin Sotelano
Tel: 02920397047
All Entries for Tango Therapy Organisation.
(Last Edited: 23/6/2009)
ACanton Labour Club, 74 Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF11 9NL (near Cardiffno smoke sign
Car Parking. Stage.  Show Venue on Google Earth.

Tango Therapy Encounter 2009

Tango (Argentine), Tango Workshop, Misc, Exhibition, Conference, Instruction, Practice, Dancing. Doors open 09:00. Admission £8.00. £30.00 for all sessions. Bring your own drinks. Licensed Bar. Non-Alcoholic Bar. To book or for further details: Book, Info, Tel: 02920397047. TANGO AS A NEW THERAPY IN PALLIATIVE CARE Psychologists and physical therapists believe learning tango can help people suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, depression and couples breakdown. Studies made in Washington University (EUA), Favaloro Foundation (Arg), University of Rochester Medical Centre, Massachusetts Institute and McGill University (EUA), University of New England (AU) among others demonstrated that tango can help people fight Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, hypertension, anxiety, depression and social phobias, to prevent physiological deficiencies and to delay the natural process of ageing, maintain a healthy brain in old age and overpass conflicts and fears. An now, the first Tango Therapy Encounter for EU will be in Cardiff, Wales. With the participation of Dott. Massimo Habib, Director of Tango Therapy Italy, the authors of the book “An approach to Tango Therapy” and directors of Tango Therapy UK: Karen Woodley and Martin Sotelano, the presentation of the short films “Into your Arms” directed by Ruth Pethybridge, Dance artist and Project Manager for Oxford Youth Dance among others, regarding tango as a powerful and healing dance and “To Dance Again: Parkinson's Meet Tango” produced by the St. Louis Home Education (EUA) regarding a study realized by Gammon Earhart, PhD, Pt, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Anatomy and Neurobiology at Neurology Washington University, among others activities and workshops. The encounter is organized by Tango Therapy UK and the International Association of Tango Therapy Therapists, and will be in the Canton Labour Club in Cardiff, Wales, on Saturday 31st of October. More information on Tango Therapy UK website: or on the International Association of Tango Therapy Therapists website: Phone: +44 (0) 2920397047
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