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Old Chapel, Chapel Street, Syston

Entries for Dance Venue: Old Chapel.

Old Chapel, Chapel Street, Syston

Entries for Dance Venue: Old Chapel.
Syston, Leicestershire

JEM Performing Arts Schools

 My name is Miss Julie Stokes A.I.D.T.A and I am the Principal of the School and I have been teaching for more than 27 years. I love every minute of it! We are a small friendly Performing Arts School based in Syston, Leicestershire. Our aim is to teach dancing, gymnastics, singing and drama in a safe, fun and caring environment. While the children have fun they also learn so many skills that will stay with them for life: confidence, performance, speech, resilience and much more.
Private Coaching, Dance Studio/School, Regular Dance Classes, Choreographer. Dance Styles: Disco Dance, Ballet, Tap Dance, Stage Dance, Modern Dance, Gymnastic Dance, Contemporary Dance, Junior Dance, Pre-School Dance, Acro, Pop-Video Dance, Ballet (English), Singing.
Contact: Julie Stokes
Tel: 07484738777
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AOld Chapel, Chapel Street, Syston, Leicestershire, LE7 1GN Show Venue on Google Earth.

Ballet, Tap, Stage Dance Class

Disco, Ballet, Tap, Stage, Freestyle, Gymnastic, Contemporary, Junior, Pre-School, Fitness, Pop-Video, Ballet (English) Show, Instruction, Practice, Social Dancing. To book or for further details: Book, Info, Tel: 07484738777. Various classes.
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