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Results: [B-Y].
Lemon Auditions an entertainment based website, created for performers by performers, which brings you the latest auditions, helpful advice and tools to help you realise your showbiz dreams.
Band/Artist/Singer, Band/Artist Promotion, CD Production, Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, Job & Work Finder. Dance Styles: All. Mail Order Available. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Contact: Matt & Ben
Tel: 0207 053 2091
Fax: 0207 987 1571
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(Last Edited: 21/5/2007)
A new, fun and educational website (run by the ISTD) for kids who love dance. Kids can play games, look at some great pictures, learn about dance through the ages and in other countries, read some great stories and lots, lots more.
Instructional Web Services, Discussion Forum, News, E-Magazine, Games & Quizzes. Dance Styles: All, Junior Dance.
Tel: (+44) 020 7377 1577
Fax: (+44) 020 7247 6728
Email: Dance Kids.
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(Last Edited: 28/10/2008)
Dance Activities and Information for Students and Children. Join the Radacadabra Club for access to a magical 'stars' only section, news, reviews and great competitions, an online newsletter every month, and fun pages to download.
Dance College, Dance Studio/School, Theatre, Instructional Web Services, Chat Room, Discussion Forum, Games & Quizzes, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: All.
Email: Radacadabra.
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(Last Edited: 23/7/2004)
The official website of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation. With News, Gallery, Documents, Bibliography and direcory of all Videos & DVDs. Includes the Nureyev Medical Website. Schedule of his Ballet Performances and related Exhibitions.
Videos & DVDs, Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, History, News, Photography, Tours, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet.
Email: Rudolf Nureyev Foundation.
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(Last Edited: 31/5/2004)
Youth Dance England

Youth Dance England

 Youth Dance England is the national agency to connect young people and dance. YDE works to raise the profile of youth dance and advocate its benefits. YDE promotes strategic projects such as the National Youth Dance Festival...
Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, Class Directory, News, Event Calendar, Charity. Dance Styles: Line Dance, Tango (Argentine), Ballroom.
Tel: 020 7924 7167
Fax: 020 7924 7167
Email: Youth Dance England.
All Entries for Youth Dance England Organisation.
(Last Edited: 18/3/2017)
Ballet Alert! Online is devoted to classical and neoclassical ballet. On this site, you'll find information about dancers, companies, and ballets. Join our message boards for Ballet Talk. Check the day's news on our Links Forum.
Magazines & Newspapers, Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, Books, Discussion Forum, News, E-Magazine, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet, Ballet (Cecchetti), Ballet (English).
Email: Ballet Alert!.
All Entries for Ballet Alert! Organisation.
(Last Edited: 29/4/2004)
Bill Bader

Bill Bader

 Based in Vancouver (BC), Bill is one of Canada's leading Line Dance personalities. Bill has now been teaching line dancing for over 25 years. See his web site for his Dance Scripts in both English and French, and his extensive international annotated Links List called "Line-Links".
Instructor for Hire, Choreographer, Videos & DVDs, Instructional Web Services, Step Sheet Library, Links. Dance Styles: Line Dance.
Contact: Bill Bader
Tel: 604-684-2455
Email: Bill Bader.
All Entries for Bill Bader Organisation.
(Last Edited: 3/2/2008)
A comprehensive public interest website at focused on learn to ballet, ballroom, country and jazz dance.
Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, News. Dance Styles: Latin American, Ballet, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance, Dancercise, Contemporary Dance, English Country Dance, Ballroom, Street Dance, Mixed Social Dance.
Email: Dance Tutors.
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(Last Edited: 20/5/2007)
We move, breathe and sing together in a circle, holding hands & teach simple chant and dance steps before each dance. Accompanied with drum & guitar. "The spiritual dance has no other purpose, no other aim than to elevate [hu]mankind beyond self-thought, to joy, to bliss, to realization and to peace... the sincere dancer is one of the best workers for universal harmony, and so for universal peace" (Samuel Lewis, Dances of Universal Peace founder)
Event Organiser, Instructor for Hire, Instructional Web Services, Class Directory, Links, Event Calendar, Own Choreography, Workshops. Dance Styles: Folk Dance, Circle Dance, International Dance, Singing.
Contacts: Ralph Nimmann, Vitalija Zelenevska-Nimmann
Tel: 01422 647157, 07909 488272
All Entries for Dances of Universal Peace Calderdale Organisation.
(Last Edited: 4/6/2016)
One of the leading web resources for linedance stepsheets and videos, with good information about the choreographers and related music tracks.
Videos & DVDs, Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, Step Sheet Library, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Line Dance.
Contact: Peter
Email: Yipee.
All Entries for Yipee Organisation.
(Last Edited: 2/3/2009)
Enroll in our online breakdancing class and learn how to break dance from home.
Private Coaching, Dance College, Instructor Training, Dance Company, Instructional Web Services, Professional Training, Distance Learning, Class Directory, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Hip-Hop, Break Dance. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Contact: Juston & Juston Price
Email: Breakdanceclass.
All Entries for Breakdanceclass Organisation.
(Last Edited: 22/11/2007)
Cyber-Jam is a weekly Street Dance /​ Hip Hop workshop. Each routine is captured on video and is available for download for only £1 (US$1.80). Included is an instructional clip which slows the routine down.
Private Coaching, Instructor Training, Regular Dance Classes, Videos & DVDs, Instructional Web Services, Own Choreography, Workshops. Dance Styles: Street Dance, Hip-Hop. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Contact: Barry Samuel
All Entries for Cyber-Jam Organisation.
(Last Edited: 9/1/2006)
Talk Rowing is a Rowing Machine Guide to enable you to learn how rowing machines can help your fitness levels needed for dancing. Use a rowing machine to increase your core strength and cardio fitness levels to enable you to improve your dancing. Rowing machines are a great way to get fit for dancing and can be used at home or in the gym. Get a home rowing machine to workout with when watching tv or for use as a dedicated training device. We help you find the best rowing machine for you.
Private Coaching, Holiday Resort, Costumes Made Up, Travel Agent / Holidays, Western Wear, Costume Hire, Choreographer, Videos & DVDs, Instructional Web Services, Class Directory, Performances, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Own Choreography, Workshops, Weddings, Photographer. Dance Styles: Tap Dance, Raqs Sharqi, Waltz (Viennese), Triple Step (CW), Quickstep, Jitterbug, Sway, Oriental, Modern Dance, Pole Dance, Pop-Video Dance, Playford, Tango Dance, Reggaeton, Peabody, Vals, Waltz (CW).
Contact: Jim Beane
Tel: 07946663987
All Entries for Rowing Machine Guide Organisation.
(Last Edited: 1/4/2021)
Vector Web Design offers website design and digital marketing exclusively to ambitious dance school owners. Vector can help you grow your business and attract more people into your classes. Free consultation on your current website.
Instructional Web Services. Dance Styles: All.
Contacts: James Brambley, Lorraine Razzell
Tel: 01865 600581
All Entries for Vector Web Design Organisation.
(Last Edited: 8/7/2021)
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