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Results: [B-S].
An interesting and useful German Web Resource for Ballet enthusiasts.
Books, Discussion Forum, News, E-Magazine, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Job & Work Finder, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet, Ballet (Cecchetti).
Email: Dance Ballet.
All Entries for Dance Ballet Organisation.
(Last Edited: 14/11/2003)
"If you like ballroom dancing, then this is the site for you. Every month you can download "The Dance Magazine". You can also download my self-made dance software." Excellent Dutch site (in English). Includes Music files (MIDI, MP3 etc).
MIDI Files, MP3 Files, E-Magazine, Photography, Artwork & Graphics, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Modern Ballroom, Latin American, Ballroom, Latino.
Contact: Fred Bolder
Email: Fred Bolder's Ballroom Site.
All Entries for Fred Bolder's Ballroom Site Organisation.
(Last Edited: 30/3/2001)
Mager USA site for the Latin Dancer: Instructional Videos, Video clips, Message Board, History of Salsa, Professional Dancer Stories, News, Beginner Forum, Advice Corner, International Event Calendar of Josie Neglia. Secure on-line Mail Order.
Videos & DVDs, Chat Room, Discussion Forum, History, Links, Photography. Dance Styles: Latin American, Salsa Dance, Latino. Mail Order Only. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Contact: Josie A. Neglia
Email: LatinDance.Com.
All Entries for LatinDance.Com Organisation.
(Last Edited: 24/9/2009)
Professional female photographer Lynn Herrick specialises in dancer and performer photography in her north London studio.
Photography, Photographer. Dance Styles: All. Callers by Appointment Only.
Contact: Lynn Herrick
Tel: 020 8349 3632
Email: Photography by Lynn Herrick.
All Entries for Photography by Lynn Herrick Organisation.
(Last Edited: 22/7/2010)
The official website of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation. With News, Gallery, Documents, Bibliography and direcory of all Videos & DVDs. Includes the Nureyev Medical Website. Schedule of his Ballet Performances and related Exhibitions.
Videos & DVDs, Info for Instructor & DJs, Instructional Web Services, History, News, Photography, Tours, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet.
Email: Rudolf Nureyev Foundation.
All Entries for Rudolf Nureyev Foundation Organisation.
(Last Edited: 31/5/2004)
Comprehensive Salsa portal for Ireland, with Class and Event Listings, Forums, Articles, Downloads, Links, Pictures, Shop and much more.
CDs, Cassettes, Videos & DVDs, Chat Room, Discussion Forum, Class Directory, School Directory, News, E-Magazine, Links, Event Calendar, Photography. Dance Styles: Salsa Dance, Salsa (Cuban), Rueda.
Contact: Michael Gargan
All Entries for Salsa Dancing @ Organisation.
(Last Edited: 3/4/2007)
Promote 2 big club nights that provide a platform for dancers in the form of battling.
Event Organiser, Regular Dance Classes, Recording Studio, Band/Artist/Dancer Agency, CD Production, Photography, Artwork & Graphics. Dance Styles: Freestyle Dance, Street Dance, Hip-Hop, Break Dance.
Contact: Ara Anthony
Tel: 07956583221
All Entries for Box Out Records Organisation.
(Last Edited: 18/1/2005)
"The world's leading lifestyle magazine and information centre about Dance as Sport and Art." Based in Canada. A really useful Global Dance Portal.
Discussion Forum, Class Directory, News, E-Magazine, Event Calendar, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder. Dance Styles: All.
Email: DanceScape.
All Entries for DanceScape Organisation.
(Last Edited: 24/9/2009)
"Welcome to; a collection of ice dancing information, photos, links and much more." Excellent USA-based resource, with Technical Reference, Partner Search, Results Archive and News etc.
News, Links, Event Calendar, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ice-Dance.
Contacts: Daphne Kitchin, Emma Abraham
All Entries for Organisation.
(Last Edited: 22/8/2001)
We are professional photographers specialising in dance school photography - exam day, shows etc. Good commission on sales.
Photography. Dance Styles: All. Callers by Appointment Only.
Contact: Sue Lloyd
Tel: 020 8770 2672, 07970 903238
All Entries for Desktop Pictures Organisation.
(Last Edited: 11/2/2010)
Talk Rowing is a Rowing Machine Guide to enable you to learn how rowing machines can help your fitness levels needed for dancing. Use a rowing machine to increase your core strength and cardio fitness levels to enable you to improve your dancing. Rowing machines are a great way to get fit for dancing and can be used at home or in the gym. Get a home rowing machine to workout with when watching tv or for use as a dedicated training device. We help you find the best rowing machine for you.
Private Coaching, Holiday Resort, Costumes Made Up, Travel Agent / Holidays, Western Wear, Costume Hire, Choreographer, Videos & DVDs, Instructional Web Services, Class Directory, Performances, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Own Choreography, Workshops, Weddings, Photographer. Dance Styles: Tap Dance, Raqs Sharqi, Waltz (Viennese), Triple Step (CW), Quickstep, Jitterbug, Sway, Oriental, Modern Dance, Pole Dance, Pop-Video Dance, Playford, Tango Dance, Reggaeton, Peabody, Vals, Waltz (CW).
Contact: Jim Beane
Tel: 07946663987
All Entries for Rowing Machine Guide Organisation.
(Last Edited: 1/4/2021)
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