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Results: [A-X].
The Web Site of Robert & Helen Richey, World Renowned Coaches of International Competitive Dancing.
Private Coaching, Discussion Forum, Links, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Modern Ballroom, Latin American.
Contact: Robert & Helen Richey
Email: Dancetraks.
All Entries for Dancetraks Organisation.
(Last Edited: 6/10/2001)
"The Original and the Best classes in Scotland."
Regular Dance Classes, Links, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: Jive (French & Modern), Le Roc.
Tel: 0141 331 0608
Email: LeRoc (Scotland).
All Entries for LeRoc (Scotland) Organisation.
(Last Edited: 23/9/2001)
Based in Alberta (Canada), but of International interest, the site covers Ballet, ballroom, belly dance, Cajun, clogging, country western, disco, funk, hip hop, hula, Irish, jazz, modern, oldies, square dance, shim sham, swing, and tap dance.
Videos & DVDs, Info for Instructor & DJs, History, Links, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: Modern Ballroom, Ballet, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance, Square Dance, Swing Dance, Country Western, Irish Dance.
Email: Central Home.
All Entries for Central Home Organisation.
(Last Edited: 9/1/2008)
"Argentinian Tango in the Internet". Very comprehensive and international (English) resource, based in Frankfurt (Germany). Includes some archives of Tango-L mailing list.
Class Directory, News, Links, Event Calendar, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Tango (Argentine), Tango (Ballroom).
Contact: Garrit Fleischmann
Email: Cyber - Tango.
All Entries for Cyber - Tango Organisation.
(Last Edited: 28/2/2004)
Excellent resource on Ballet & Modern Dance, including Ballet-Modern FAQ and dictionary of ballet terms.
History, Links, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ballet, Modern Dance.
Contact: Professor Thomas Parsons
Email: Dance Page.
All Entries for Dance Page Organisation.
(Last Edited: 2/8/2001)
"If you like ballroom dancing, then this is the site for you. Every month you can download "The Dance Magazine". You can also download my self-made dance software." Excellent Dutch site (in English). Includes Music files (MIDI, MP3 etc).
MIDI Files, MP3 Files, E-Magazine, Photography, Artwork & Graphics, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Modern Ballroom, Latin American, Ballroom, Latino.
Contact: Fred Bolder
Email: Fred Bolder's Ballroom Site.
All Entries for Fred Bolder's Ballroom Site Organisation.
(Last Edited: 30/3/2001)
"A searchable database of over 500 modern jive moves with other helpful information for beginners and improvers alike." An excellent resource for all fans of modern Jive.
Info for Instructor & DJs, Step Sheet Library, Discussion Forum, Links, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Jive (French & Modern), Jive (50s & American), Ceroc, LeJive, Le Roc.
Contact: Richard Johnson
Tel: ?
All Entries for Jiveoholics Anonymous Organisation.
(Last Edited: 19/5/2003)
"This site has LOTS of links to Webs sites all over the world for Modern Jive and related dance styles such as French Jive, Swing, Lindy Hop and Rock 'n' Roll. Whether you call it Modern Jive or Ceroc, leJive, mo'jive, LeRoc, Swing Jive, Jazzjive!"
Class Directory, Links, Event Calendar, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Jive (French & Modern), Ceroc, LeJive, Le Roc.
Contact: John Sweeney
Email: Modern Jive Resource Centre.
All Entries for Modern Jive Resource Centre Organisation.
(Last Edited: 12/8/2001)
Dance Activities and Information for Students and Children. Join the Radacadabra Club for access to a magical 'stars' only section, news, reviews and great competitions, an online newsletter every month, and fun pages to download.
Dance College, Dance Studio/School, Theatre, Instructional Web Services, Chat Room, Discussion Forum, Games & Quizzes, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: All.
Email: Radacadabra.
All Entries for Radacadabra Organisation.
(Last Edited: 23/7/2004)
The London Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was the first to be formed outside Scotland. Today the Branch runs classes and dances where you can join in the fun of Scottish Dance. We also sell books and music, and publish a magazine.
CDs, Cassettes, Magazines & Newspapers, Books, Class Directory, Links, Event Calendar, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: Scottish Country Dance, Scottish Dance. Mail Order Available. All major Credit Cards accepted.
Contact: Owen Meyer
Tel: 01753 643461
Email: Scottish Country Dancing in London.
All Entries for Scottish Country Dancing in London Organisation.
(Last Edited: 6/4/2001)
UK Square Dancing

UK Square Dancing

 Home of the BAASDC (British Association of American Square Dance Clubs). Who are we? We are the BAASDC and our clubs teach people just like you to square dance. Do you think square dancing is just for cowboys and hillbillies? Do you think you can't do it? Do you think you'd be embarrassed? Lots of people have all felt the same and they were all WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Spend a few minutes exploring our website by clicking the link (bottom left of page).
Professional Association, Class Directory, MP3 Files, News, Links, Event Calendar, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Square Dance.
Email: UK Square Dancing.
All Entries for UK Square Dancing Organisation.
(Last Edited: 20/8/2009)
XSpasm focuses on the application of technology in dance teaching, learning, choreography, performance and viewing. Whether it is about Kathakali, Salsa, Waltz or HipHop. Whether it is about shoes, lights, video, internet or mocap.
Videos & DVDs, Step Sheet Library, News, Performances, Own Choreography, Theory & Terminology, Notation, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Latin American, Salsa Dance, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance, Latino, Street Dance, Afro-Cuban.
Contact: Jerome
Email: XSpasm.
All Entries for XSpasm Organisation.
(Last Edited: 10/4/2003)
A large amount of background information on tango including complete coverage of the New York City and Buenos Aires tango scene. Tango lovers from all over the world, dancers, and even students doing a paper on tango will find this website useful.
CDs, Cassettes, Accessories, Giftware, Videos & DVDs, Info for Instructor & DJs, Books, E-Magazine, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Tango (Argentine), Tango Dance.
Email: All About Tango.
All Entries for All About Tango Organisation.
(Last Edited: 1/8/2004)
"Welcome to; a collection of ice dancing information, photos, links and much more." Excellent USA-based resource, with Technical Reference, Partner Search, Results Archive and News etc.
News, Links, Event Calendar, Photography, Contact / Partner Finder, Theory & Terminology, Not Location Based. Dance Styles: Ice-Dance.
Contacts: Daphne Kitchin, Emma Abraham
All Entries for Organisation.
(Last Edited: 22/8/2001)
Don Deyne

Information Super Dance Floor

Based in the USA (Shiloh, IL), this well-established site is in the Premier league, with many resources and in particular one of the most extensive and utilised world-class libraries of International C&W and Line Dance Step Sheets.
Step Sheet Library, Links, Own Choreography, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: Line Dance, CW Couples, CW Partner, Country Western.
Contact: Don Deyne
Email: Information Super Dance Floor.
All Entries for Information Super Dance Floor Organisation.
(Last Edited: 10/4/2007)
Looking to recover from dancing? but need to keep carbs down? Then try keto protein, low carb high protein shakes can help you recover faster. Dancing is an excellent form of exercise that can improve your flexibility and stamina. But sometimes, you will get sore and need to recover. I've tried many different kinds of keto protein shakes that you can use after a hard workout or day of dancing to recover quickly. It can be a pain to stay low carb, but luckily keto shakes exist!
CDs, Cassettes, Event Organiser, Stage School, Licensing, Duty & Tax, Theory & Terminology. Dance Styles: English Country Dance, Ballroom, Scottish Ceilidh, Lambada, DiscoFox.
Contact: Reed Donalds
Tel: 00112345670
All Entries for Keto Protein Organisation.
(Last Edited: 26/1/2022)
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