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A-Z Catalogue of Dance Organisations: Ea-i

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Ealing Dance Centre and Studio Ealing,London; London. Aerobic, Ballet, Egyptian, Junior, Modern, Pilates, Pre-School, Street, Tap Dance. Practice, Instruction. Accessories, Dance Studio/School, Dance Wear, Fabrics & Haberdashery, Footwear, Make Up, Regular Dance Classes.
Earnley Concourse Chichester,Earnley; West Sussex. CW Couples, CW Partner, Line Dance. Dance College.
Easey Riders Barnstaple; Devon. Line Dance. Instruction. Regular Dance Classes.
East Coast Kickers Bray,Killiney; Dublin,Wicklow. Line Dance. Instruction. Regular Dance Classes.
East Coast Salsa Edinburgh; Lothian. Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha-Cha Dance. Instruction, Practice, Social. Instructor for Hire, Charity, Regular Dance Classes, Dance Company, Private Coaching.
East Kent Dance Academy Herne Bay; Kent. Ballroom, Latin American, Freestyle, Rock 'n' Roll, Rock 'n' Roll (Ballroom) Dance. Practice, Instruction. Dance Studio/School, Regular Dance Classes.
East London Dance London,Stratford; London. Ballet (English), Street, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary Dance. Competition, Practice, Instruction, Show, Workshop, Social. Event Organiser.
East Preston Dance Circle East Preston,Littlehampton; West Sussex. Balkan, International Dance. Practice, Instruction, Social. Regular Dance Classes.
East Sussex Dance Brighton,Danehill,Forest Row,Lewes,Patcham; East Sussex. Latin American, Ballet, Ballroom, Body Conditioning, Street, Freestyle, Jive, Rock 'n' Roll Dance. Instruction, Course, Practice, Social. Demonstrations / Cabaret, Choreographer, Contact / Partner Finder, Regular Dance Classes, Private Coaching.
Eastbourne Folk Dance Club Eastbourne; West Sussex. English Ceilidh, English Country, Barn, Folk, Club Dance. Instruction, Practice, Social. Dance Studio/School, Event Organiser, Choreographer.
Eastern Dance .net Crewe,Nantwich,Northwich,Winsford; Cheshire. Belly, Bhangra, Middle Eastern Dance. Show, Instruction, Course, Fundraiser, Misc, Festival, Party, Practice, Exhibition, Concert, Social, Live. Band/Artist Promotion, Band/Artist/Dancer Agency, CD Production, Event Organiser, Choreographer, Corporate Entertainment, Performances, Dance Company, Instructional Web Services.
Easy-Rider Coseley; West Midlands. CW Couples, CW Partner, Line Dance. Band/Artist Merchandise, Band/Artist/Singer.
Eazy Stompers Acrefair,Bangor,Buckley,Chester,Overton-on-Dee,Wrexham; Clwyd. Line Dance. Instruction, Practice. Regular Dance Classes.
Eccleston School of Dancing St Helens; Merseyside. Ballet (English), Exercise, Stage, Modern, Street, Tap, Pre-School, Contemporary Dance. Instruction, Practice. Instructor Training, Dance Studio/School, Class Directory, Regular Dance Classes.
Echoes Of Erin School of Irish Dance Beeston,Long Eaton; Nottinghamshire. Irish Dance. Instruction. Dance Studio/School.
Eclipse Dance Kenilworth,Warwickshire; Warwickshire. Ballet, Modern, Tap Dance. Instruction, Practice. Dance Studio/School, Regular Dance Classes.
Eclipse Dancentre Tadworth; Surrey. Freestyle, Street Dance. Practice, Instruction. Dance Studio/School, Regular Dance Classes.
Eddie Billington Dancing North Sunderland; Northumberland. Ballroom, Latin American Dance. Practice, Instruction. Dance Studio/School, Regular Dance Classes.
Edge Acro, Ballet, Exercise, Body Conditioning, Street, Modern, Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pre-School, Commercial, Contemporary Dance. Dance Studio/School.
Edinburgh Dance School Livingston; Strathclyde. Junior, Latin American, Ballet, Ballroom, Stage, Mixed Social, Tap, Pre-School Dance. Instruction, Practice. Dance Studio/School, Regular Dance Classes.
Edinburgh International Tango Festival Edinburgh; Lothian. Tango, Tango (Argentine), Tango (Ballroom) Dance. Festival, Party, Practice, Weekender, Instruction, Workshop, Live, Social. Event Organiser.
Edinburgh Salsa Edinburgh; Lothian. Salsa, Latino Dance. Regular Dance Classes.
Edinburgh Swing Dance Society Edinburgh; Lothian. Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Jive, Jive (50s & American), Lindy Hop, Shag (Carolina), Shag (St Louis), Swing Dance. Practice, Instruction. Event Organiser, Regular Dance Classes, Workshops.
Edinburgh Tango Society Edinburgh; Lothian,Strathclyde. Tango (Argentine), Tango (Ballroom) Dance. Instruction, Practice, Social. Regular Dance Classes.
Edna Emerton Cove,Farnborough; Hampshire. Modern Sequence Dance. Regular Dance Classes.
Edwards Dance Studio Cardiff,Whitchurch; South Glamorgan. Junior, Latin American, Ballroom, Line, Stage, Tango (Argentine) Dance. Instruction, Practice. Weddings, Regular Dance Classes.
Eee Zee Line Dance Barnoldswick,Burnley,Colne; Lancashire. Line Dance. Instruction, Practice, Social. Event Organiser, Regular Dance Classes.
Egham Sports Centre Egham; Surrey. Line Dance. Instruction. Regular Dance Classes, Dance Hall for Hire.
Egyptian Dancer Lincoln; Lincolnshire. Egyptian, Belly Dance. Instruction, Practice. Accessories, Instructor for Hire, Dance Wear, Regular Dance Classes, Event Organiser, Footwear, Hand Decorated Clothing, Costumes Made Up.
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