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X Factor Dance and Drama School Downs Barn,Milton Keynes; Buckinghamshire. Stage, Freestyle, Aerobic Dance. Practice, Instruction. Dance Studio/School, Weekly Dance Classes.
Xavier Navarre Dance Swaffham; Norfolk. Ballroom, Latin American, Tango (Argentine) Dance. Practice, Instruction. Dance Studio/School, Weekly Dance Classes.
XO Dance Ealing,Hanwell; London. Rumba, Lambada, Salsa, Bachata, Latin American, Salsa (Cuban), Latino, Samba, Ballroom, Exotic, Belly, Bollywood, Street, Hip-Hop, Burlesque, Cha-Cha, Pop-Video, Zouk, Jive (Ballroom), Reggaeton Dance. Instruction, Practice. Instructor for Hire, Dance Studio/School, Job & Work Finder, Health Studio, Dance Company.
Xpozure School of Dance Brixton,London; London. Street, Break, Cool Dance. Instruction, Practice. Dance Studio/School, Weekly Dance Classes, Dance Company.
XS Latin Formation Team Cambridge,Milton; Cambridgeshire. Latin American Dance. Instruction. Dance Company, Demonstrations / Cabaret, Weekly Dance Classes.
XSpasm Afro-Cuban, Salsa, Latin American, Latino, Street, Jazz, Contemporary Dance. Step Sheet Library, Theory & Terminology, News, Not Location Based, Notation, Videos & DVDs, Own Choreography, Performances.
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